10 Wedding Cars For Every Type Of Couple That Will Get You To Your Big Day In Style

Rolls Royce

Wedding preparations are majorly focussed ceremonies, where and where it will happen, the reception, wedding outfits, decorations, catering, and on the honeymoon. Although all of these activities need a lot of planning and attention, one that mostly all couples tend to forget is choosing the right transportation to carry the groom and the bride to the wedding venue.

Couple transportation is a crucial part of any wedding event. The couple needs to arrive and leave the wedding venue or the ceremonial ground in style. The mode of transport or the car that they choose has to be stylish, flamboyant, elegant, and as well reliable. The choice of the perfect car is essential for any couple on their big day in style.

Whether you prefer to arrive at the venue on your wedding day in a classy or cool car, you have multiple options to choose from these days with London wedding car hire services. Wedding cars are a valuable investment to make to travel in style to the wedding venue on your big day. They do not serve as a practical transport vehicle but are also the perfect way for some mesmerizing wedding photographs to remember your big day forever.

From Black Rolls Royce hire to Ferrari and Mustang, let’s look at the variety of wedding car styles that you and you’re, would be would like to choose from for the big day:

  1. Black Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce is a brand that is synonymous with style and luxury. Travel in style and luxury in Black Rolls Royce hire, which is beautiful from inside and outside, to your wedding venue and awe everyone. It’s spacious enough to transport the whole wedding party with you if you want to. This car serves as one of the most fitting car options for any modern-day wedding and fits aptly with any luxurious wedding theme.

  1. Daisy

Daisy, the 1978 VW Karman Beetle Cabriolet is truly a lovely car that has a shimmering white oyster pearl finish with a dropping tanned mohair hood. The interior of the Daisy features sheer elegance of suede and leather, coordinating with high-class sear piping and carpeting. A great choice to arrive in style and elegance for a couple on their wedding day.

  1. Bentley

Mulsanne is one of the flagship models in the Bentley fleet of cars. It represents a status of luxury. With high-end leather upholstery to its polish, the Mulsanne is a sheer masterpiece that every bride and groom would like to travel in on their big day. You can never expect anything better than this.

  1. Cadillac

Needs no introduction. The Cadillac is from the old 1950s and was built when it was all for Elvis and Bill Hailey. The Cadillac is a representation of anything big and gorgeous, including its big spacious cabin and off-course the engine. Its impressive tail fins are for sure going to impress every visitor to your wedding.

  1. Vintage Rolls Royce

Talking of Rolls Royce once again, this 1930’w masterpiece is a perfect reflection of an impressive limousine. The car’s impressive and broad brass headlights, whitewall tires, and charming spike wheels are a perfect choice for a couple on their wedding day. The spacious cabin inside makes it feel more luxurious and flamboyant, just like the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud hire.

  1. Austin Princess

The Austin Princess is a perfect classic limousine that is very adaptable and is a perfect one for two cozy passengers. The car represents an ideal piece of transport for the Bridesmaids or just the bride and the groom.

  1. Bentley ‘R’

Bentley ‘R’ type from the 1950’s ear is perhaps one of the most preferred cars for wedding hire in modern times. The car’s impressive wing mounter on chrome headlamps, the Bentley rounded top grille with the flying ‘B’ mascot and its unmatched soft leather finish with polished woodwork inside make it one of the most liked London wedding car hire choices.

  1. Morris Convertible

The Morris Convertible Minor is one of the prettiest cars around. Produced between 1948 and 1971, it was one of the most popular family cars. Today the car is one of the most preferred car choices for wedding hires in London and other places.

  1. Beauford

The Vintage Beauford Convertible also called the ‘Fairy Tale Car’ is no doubt one of the most affectionate cars ever built. This modern car’s built-in vintage style gives easy access for any couple to travel to their wedding venue on their wedding day.

  1. Ferrari

Last, but not least, how could we end our list of best wedding cars without mentioning this Italian beauty. This two-seat sports card is an ideal match for a groom’s transport. What a way to arrive at your wedding venue in style.

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